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    Top: Torrid Swim Suit Model

    Bottom: Victoria Secret Swim Suit Model

    I tried looking for the most rudest ignorant comments I could find.

    …there were no offensive comments posted on the Torrid picture.

    The difference between Torrid and Victoria Secret is that one is intended for more larger women, while the other one is not. I’m also pretty sure that there were negative comments on the Torrid post, and positive ones on the Victoria Secret one. Don’t act like thin girls are getting the most flack for their weight. It’s 50/50. There’s always that one person that thinks chubby is completely obese and thin is extremely anorexic. So please stop. With that being said there’s going to be a lot of chubby girls checking out torrid fashion, because torrid is a plus sized store. I’m not saying the criticism is good either. My point is not very many smaller built girls are going to go like torrid on Facebook just to check out their posts. ~Kelsey

    Fact: there were no negative comments on that torrid picture what so ever. I would know I’m the one who made the post ;)
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    Yes the worst

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    Bitch get a hold of yourself


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    my faith in the world is just a little bit restored


    it got better

    SO: Guy makes a song about women he dosnt even know being sexual “objects” and he makes a shit load of money. The same guy makes a song about a girl he’s known for years and he actually loves and no one wants to hear it. Not surprised
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    Wait: Frozen is the coolest disney movie because it has strong female characters feminist views?….that’s kinda funny because all I saw was a pretty girl born into privilige and power run away from her problems but if your convinced she is a great role model for little girls then by all means

    *Shots fired
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    If you don’t feel any need to reblog this unfollow me.

    This breaks my heart, who the fuck would do that

    So instead of giving this guy a paper, markers, camera and a tumblr account how about a place to sleep…maybe.

    Get on his level

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    "Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them." -Margaret Artwood

     I have sat and watched a man beat my mother as a child.

    I do not fear men

    In the 4th grade a boy bigger, taller, and stronger then me gave me a black eye… and I gave him a bloody mouth.

    I do not fear men

    One of my best friends begged me not to confront her boyfriend when I found out he hit her.

    I do not fear men

    I will not fall to my knees and beg for mercy as the hands of a man/woman holds me down by my hair.

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    Seriously: Advocating for women of all size to have confidence, while demeaning another body type…Logic

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    Belle: It was just a kiss

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    Hey Girls: Are you really worried about these women starving? Or are you just being a hateful bitch?